accountant in spain

Moving to Spain is, indeed, moving to paradise. On one hand, the weather and the landscapes are as varied as they are awe-inspiring. On the other hand, they have one of the liveliest, most fun, and vibrant nightlife in the region. Finally, the food scene is uncanny.

But before moving to paradise, you have to learn how to navigate their bureaucracy successfully. That is where the figure of a gestor comes in to solve all the paperwork for you.

Read on, learn about gestors and gestorías, and enjoy paradise in years to come.

What Is A Gestor?

A gestor is someone who can do small-time bureaucratic things for you. They are usually well-versed in all topics relating to official processes. In other words, if you hire a gestor, that person will act as an intermediary (who knows what he or she is talking about) between you and the government.

That being said, it is important to note that they have done what you are asking from them many times in the past. That know-how is their leverage to help you avoid pitfalls but can’t do more than you can as a member of the general public.

Why Should You Hire One?

Hiring a gestor is important, especially in Spain, because it is a country infamous for its bureaucratic difficulties. Moreover, many ex-pats do not understand Spanish at the level needed to successfully work their way through the Spanish system.

Aids And Limitations Of A Gestor Work

A gestor can help you with:

  • Residency applications
  • NIE or TIE
  • Car purchases
  • Taxes
  • Social security
  • Self-employment
  • Opening a bank account in a Spanish bank

On the other hand, a gestor cannot solve any legal matters on your behalf since they are not qualified, lawyers. In the same vein, they can’t do the job of an accountant on your behalf or any other task requiring qualified personnel.

Think of a gestor as someone who can help you solve basic administrative issues. Also, they are a great alternative for people who don’t have the time to go to the government offices themselves.

Gestor Pricing

One of the main challenges of hiring a gestor is that there are no standard fees. The price will depend on the task and the person. Thus, the best bet is to go for a “gestoría”, which is the place where they work, and settle a price for the whole endeavor.

Bear this in mind and always ask for prices in advance because once the gestor has done its job, you’ll be forced to pay for whatever they ask. Finally, inquire about the time that it will take for them to fulfill the task since this can sensibly change the price.

Where To Find A Gestor?

The official way to go is online to the Consejo General de Colegiados de Gestores Administrativos website and use filters to narrow down your search. You can use these filters by skill (taxes, cars, permits, etc.) and also by location utilizing your Spanish postal code.

The website for the Consejo is available only in Spanish, hence, another great way is asking other ex-pats in forums and groups for recommendations.  Finally, just walking into a gestoría can also grant you their services.


Navigating through the Spanish bureaucratic system is not an easy endeavor. Furthermore, if you are not good with Spanish, it might bring you more than one headache.

Hire a gestor and make your arrival to paradise effortless. Remember, life is too short to add unnecessary problems to it. 

The Mediterranean Sea is waiting for you!