carnaval Cadiz

Yes, that time of the year has arrived once again. The streets are filled with colors, the people are out having fun, and the partying is everywhere; the spirit of carnival is unleashed.

If there’s a magical place to spend this awesome time, that’s Spain. We put together this piece to help you navigate the map and attend the best celebrations.

Ready? Get your favorite costume because it’s party time!

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

With over 500 years of history, this is one of the oldest carnival celebrations in the world. But that’s not the only thing making this a unique celebration; it offers a plethora of options for the lucky visitors. Some of the attractions are:

  • Murga competition
  • Drag Queen gala
  • Canine carnival
  • Winner’s parade

With this many adventures packed in a single spot, you can’t miss this carnival celebration.


Verín is a small town in Ourense that dresses up to receive thousands of people from all over the country during the carnival days. This is because Verín’s carnival celebration is unlike any other. Indeed, people wear a classic costume made of Cigarrón (a small and very particular jacket) and a painted wooden mask.

These wooden masks are the quintessential expression of the carnival spirit and are painted in bright colors. But that’s not all; it is also possible to enjoy the music of the traditional orchestras and dance all afternoon. If you love tradition, colors, and music, attending this carnival is a must.


The entire town of Cadiz takes the streets like a storm for the carnival. Although everyone is invited, this celebration requires a very particular dress code: you have to dress fancy. Indeed, while on your fanciest clothes, you can appreciate the utterly traditional Chirigotas contest.

Also, this year, due to the pandemic, the carnival celebrations will take place between February and March and also between May and June. There are no excuses to miss this year’s celebrations in Cadiz.


Badajoz is a taken city during carnival times. Yes, that’s right, nobody should leave home without their costumes or will appear to be out of place. This is because the party happens on the streets of this beautiful city. 

While there, some of the must-go activities are the murgas competition, the big comparsas parade, and the burial of the sardine.

Whether you go as a foodie, a curious neighbor, or a carnival lover, you’ll surely have an amazing time.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

While it is popular knowledge that Rio’s carnival is the biggest in the world, not everybody knows that Tenerife is the place for the second biggest. Indeed, this huge celebration involves the entire town taking over the streets. 

This year, due to the pandemic, the carnival will be celebrated in June. Moreover, June 1st is the inauguration date, and thus, it is a great moment to arrive in the city. 

During three weeks, the comparsas will compete fearlessly with each other to win the competition. This is a colorful spectacle with loud music and a party spirit you can’t miss. Furthermore, the healthy competition among the comparsas brings the best of them every year.

But that’s not all since by June 18th, the grand gala to choose the carnival queen takes place. This prestigious award is an event the entire town cherishes.

Finally, all activities end on June 26th with a massive daytime event of music, colors, and fun.


Spain is a country of immense historical heritage as well as vibrant nightlife and incredible food. If the combination of the three sounds appealing, you can’t miss these Spanish carnivals this year.

Follow the advice above and have the time of your life!