Marquis De Campo

There is a rich history behind Marques de Campo street. This street is the chief artery of the city. Let us unbox the mystery behind the name of the street. Let’s know why Jose Campo Perez deserved a tribute from the chief artery of Denia.

His Contributions To Denia

It was the Marquis de Campo who had introduced trains in Denia. He was personally present for the inauguration at the Denia-Gandia-Carcaixent railway on 30 March 1884. Later, in 1852, he founded the Sociedad de Ferricarriles del Grau a Xativa—the earliest Valencian railway.

The Royal Valencian Economic Society of Friends of the Country had advised and financed him. He was a partner of the Economic Society as well. There was quite some involvement from the bourgeois class as well in his job.

As a result of the introduction of trains, Denia witnessed a great economic upsurge.

Marquis De Campo And His Life

Jose Campo Perez had been born in a prosperous family in 1814 in Valencia. His father belonged to the trader family. They dealt with American places and were Aragonese merchants. Jose Campo was a cunning, smart businessman, publisher, merchant, politician, and shipping agent. He also belonged to the Valencian bourgeoisie.

He always supported the conservative party in politics. De Campo was 29 when he was honored with the title of the mayor of Valencia. In 1874, King Alfonso XII had addressed him with the noble title of Marquis de Campo. His anti-First Republic hostility had achieved the title for him. Moreover, his economic and political contribution to the restoration of monarchy also made him worthy of the title.

Business-wise, he had a 25-ships fleet. In addition, he had also established the Valencian Credit and Development Society, and the Spanish Central Credit Society among others.

After achieving such great feats, he passed away in the year of 1889 in Madrid.