Michelin Star Restaurants in Spain

Spain has a number of Michelin star restaurants. The Michelin Guide’s International Director praised the sector’s commitment and resilience. The guide’s 2022 edition includes 33 new entries – 26 new additions for existing restaurants and six for restaurants that have relocated. In addition, there is one new entry from Andorra. The Michelin Guide’s International Director praised the sector’s “resilience and hard work” in ensuring that the country has a high standard of cuisine.

Quique Dacosta

Quique Dacosta is a Spanish chef who owns four Michelin star restaurants in Spain. He is a native of Extremadura and has been working professionally in the restaurant industry since 1986. He started off by washing dishes at the age of fourteen, and later went on to study the food of the best French chefs. As he studied, he developed a deep interest and passion for food. He also began visiting some of the most prestigious gastronomic establishments throughout Spain, including the world’s best restaurants.

Quique Dacosta’s cuisine is inspired by local terroir. The chef’s team uses ingredients from around 75km of the restaurant’s location. The dishes are simple but full of flavour. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. You can also enjoy a wine-tasting menu if you like.

Quique Dacosta has become a global reference in the field of gastronomy. His vanguard outlook and creativity have sparked worldwide interest. He has also teamed up with a host of international brands to spread his message about sustainable eating. He has also published several books, including a guide to contemporary rice dishes and a cookbook about paella.

Rafa Soler Atanet

Rafa Soler Atanet is one of the leading chefs in Spain and has become an ambassador for Mediterranean gastronomy. After graduating from the CDT of Denia, he worked for two years under the guidance of Martin Berasategui. He then went on to work in the kitchens of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and Drolma de Barcelona. However, his style has evolved to include more modern elements in his creations.

In 2015, Bernardi and Croatti opened Orbianco in Calpe, with the aim of introducing Italian haute cuisine to Spain. The restaurant has already been awarded one Michelin star and is vying for another. Although only 35 years old, Rafa Soler Atanet has already gained renown in Paris and Barcelona, where he worked in the renowned Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier. Today, he is expanding his repertoire with new and developed dishes at his restaurant Audrey’s. His new menus will make him more of a gastronomic ambassador for Valencia.

With the latest Michelin Guide, Spain is now home to eleven Michelin star restaurants. These restaurants are renowned for their chefs, cuisines, and service. Many of them focus on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. A few have even been awarded two stars. The best way to visit one of these restaurants is to book well in advance.

Bernardi’s Orbianco

One of the many challenges facing the hospitality industry is the Covid-19 virus that has been ravaging the country. With this in mind, the chef of Bernardi’s Orbianco decided to make some pizza to give away to the homeless, healthcare workers, and Civil Protection Officers. He promised to cook until the fridges were empty. Luckily, the food suppliers have donated their excess ingredients, so the restaurant is still able to provide some free meals to those in need.

Spain’s restaurant scene has been particularly affected by the coronavirus. Twenty-four restaurants were left without a star, while another eight lost their Michelin status. However, the new 2022 Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal has been published. There are still some outstanding restaurants in the country.

Bernardi’s Orbianco Ristorante is named after the owner, Ferdinando Bernardi. Born in Rimini, Italy, Bernardi was involved in the restaurant business from a young age. His early career included a stint at the famous Tramontana pizzeria in Rimini. He later went on to work with legendary chefs such as Fabio Rossi and Emanuele Barberini. He also worked at the Executive Hotel in Cesenatico.

Casa Manolo

Casa Manolo is one of the top Spanish restaurants and boasts a Michelin star. It was originally a beach bar that was converted into a restaurant in 2005. The original chef, Juan Carlos, moved to Germany in 2011 and his son Manuel has taken over the reins. The restaurant serves up traditional and updated Spanish cuisine.

The newest Spanish star chef, Vicky Rodriguez, started cooking by accident and was trained by Valencia’s renowned chefs. He was only 25 when he opened the first restaurant in the city, but now he’s one of the country’s most acclaimed chefs.

In the latest edition of the Michelin Guide, Spain added two new three-star restaurants. In total, Spain has nine three-star restaurants. Three of them are in the city of Valencia. The city’s Michelin Guide 2022 will feature eight restaurants. Of those eight, three of them closed. Another one, Casa Manolo, in Daimus, has been thrown out because of the inspector’s decision.

The restaurant is also an award-winning one. It opened in 2012 and has already received two Michelin stars. Danny Lledo is a talented chef and has an impressive background. He shares the flavors of his Spanish heritage with diners at Xiquet. The menu includes seafood, Iberian pork, and a xocolate bomb.


If you’re looking for a Michelin star restaurant in Spain, look no further than DiverXO. The chef, David Munoz, is the enfant terrible of the Spanish cooking scene. Known for his cutting-edge style, piercings, and mohawk, Munoz is as unique as the restaurant itself. His unique menu features dishes that have an intense flavor profile, and he uses only the freshest ingredients.

The décor of DiverXO is striking and echoes the restaurant’s theme. The decor features a fusion of flavors and textures, including guava and Ruby chocolate. There are also three different preparations of the restaurant’s signature desserts, which are made using reduced sheep’s milk, pink pepper, and tree tomatoes.

DiverXO is one of the few Michelin star restaurants in Spain that serves authentic, international cuisine. It has received three Michelin stars in a row, making it one of the most exciting and creative restaurants in the city. Chef David Munoz’s inventive menu is infused with global flavours. In this environment, you can indulge yourself without feeling deprived or rushed.

For a fine dining experience, go to the city’s only three Michelin star restaurant. Founded in 2007, this eatery has become an unexpected gourmet sensation. Its three-Michelin-starred status was awarded in 2013 – the first in the city in more than two decades. The menu is composed of eight fixed dishes, and ten seasonal specialties.

Cenador de Amos

Cenador de Amos, Michelin-starred restaurant in Cantabria, Northern Spain, offers more than just great food. The 18th-century palace where the restaurant is located still retains many original features. Guests are invited to try the seasonal bounty of the region and experience an authentic, opulent experience.

The restaurant is set in a historic palace, with beautiful gardens. The cuisine is traditional with modern interpretations. The Michelin Green star at this restaurant was awarded to it in 2016. The restaurant’s location is also impressive. The restaurant offers a Michelin Green star for its environmental practices.

Cenador de Amos is a modern interpretation of traditional Spanish cooking. The award-winning chef uses the best ingredients to create his signature dishes. In addition to their exquisite dishes, the restaurant offers top-class service. The interior is attractive, with a leafy terrace and a vegetable garden. If you’re visiting Cantabria, don’t miss the Cenador de Amos.

Spain is home to many Michelin star restaurants. The list includes the famous Cenador de Amos, which was last named Spain’s top restaurant in the 2020 guide. The country also boasts four new two-star establishments. The list includes acclaimed restaurants in San Sebastian, Toledo, and Madrid.


If you’re looking for the perfect place to indulge in the fine art of Spanish gastronomy, the Michelin Star awarded BonAmb is the perfect choice. This restaurant, which opened just two years ago, draws inspiration from the gastronomic heritage of the Marina Alta and Javea regions. In all its dishes, the chefs use both tradition and innovation. They also incorporate their passion for the Mediterranean Sea into each dish.

Spain is home to eight Michelin starred restaurants. The award is a sign of quality food, which means that the chef is likely to have achieved the highest level of culinary training. Spain is home to several restaurants with a three-star status, including El Celler de Can Roca and Lasarte.

The chefs at BonAmb include Alberto Ferruz and Pablo Catala, who both have achieved special distinctions in the culinary world. They have won awards for excellence in the Valencian gastronomic yearbook, and the Academy of Gastronomy awarded them a prize for the best chef in the country. Their commitment to traditional flavours and authentic ingredients have earned them two Michelin stars.