nightlife spain

Spain has a vibrant nightlife that extends until dawn in most of its major cities. Nightlife in Spain encompasses everything from jazz clubs and cabarets to discos, floor shows and sex shows. Resort towns are also famous for karaoke and raves (la mala vida).


If you’re looking for a nightlife that’s not too expensive, the Ibiza nightlife scene is a great choice. The island is home to a variety of award-winning clubs, including some super clubs. Here are some tips to enjoy a night on the island.

Ibiza was a hotbed for flower power and the hippie movement. The island’s famed Bar Anita was a popular hangout. At the time, it was also the only place that had a telephone and mail delivery. Although the island has been commercialized, the bohemian spirit is still alive and well. It’s also home to several designer boutiques, as well as many made-in-China faux-spiritual clothing shops.

Taxis are an excellent way to get around town. The taxi ride to the nightclub in Ibiza Town costs just 10 euros. If you’d rather take the bus, you can hop on the Discobus. This bus runs from June to September and often goes until the early morning hours.

Ibiza’s island is renowned for its nightlife, but you can also experience a more relaxed atmosphere in the town center. The social scene here is alive between May and early October, and there are countless clubs and bars that you can enjoy. To avoid missing out on any of the action, consider booking your tickets online a few days in advance.


If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Madrid, you’ve come to the right place. The Nightlife Madrid team is a group of professionals from all horizons. We are your friends at all parties. We’ll help you find a perfect night out, from the cheapest bar to the best music.

The club’s seven floors feature different musical genres, from Spanish disco to R&B. Guests can also enjoy drinks at the terrace and watch movies on a big screen. Other activities include karaoke and people-watching from the upper balconies. You may even get inspired by the dance moves of the locals! The Madrid nightlife is as diverse as its residents. There are clubs and bars to suit all tastes and budgets.

In the city center, a large selection of clubs and bars can be found in the Gran Via and Sol areas. These areas have a youthful vibe and are popular with local twenty-somethings. Many of the bars here feature live music and have late-night clubs, like Museo Chicote.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet evening or an extravagant evening with friends, Madrid nightlife offers a great way to unwind. For a relaxed and fun evening, check out the Goya Social Club Disco, which can accommodate over 900 people. The top floor features tables with reserved seats and a private balcony overlooking the dance floor. The bottom floor features the main dance floor, as well as a stage with a DJ booth.

Fabrik is another club worth checking out. This club has two large rooms and an outdoor terrace. Guests can enjoy the music while dancing in a unique Ibiza-like atmosphere. The club also features a great sound system, ice machine, and a great view of the city.


Barcelona’s nightlife is a diverse and varied affair. You can choose from a wide range of venues, from clubs to open-air discos. If you’re on a budget, cabs can be an affordable option. You can also hire a car or take the metro, which runs until 2 a.m. on weekdays and all night on weekends. Before you head out, though, make sure you check transportation information so you know what’s available.

One of the most popular nightclubs in Barcelona is Razzmatazz, which features loud music and laser lights. The club has five themed rooms, including a top 40 hits room and a hard house zone. It also doubles as a concert venue. If you want to party hard, Razzmatazz is the place to be.

You can also try out Barcelona’s local nightlife by checking out its bars. The Born neighborhood is home to some of the city’s finest cocktail bars, as well as smaller clubs. You can also try a few wines at a bodega. Some of the best wines in Catalonia can be found in this area.

The Moog club is another small club that has a reputation for its underground techno and electro. Moog attracts an older crowd, but it is small enough to avoid the crowd crush in the main room. The club also has a smaller, mirror-lined room upstairs where you can dance to hip-hop and alternative music. Its prices are usually EUR10 at the door, but you can save money by purchasing tickets online.

Club X is another trendy venue that caters to the more sophisticated crowd. It is a techno and electro club, but also hosts rock concerts. Several themed nights are held here, including Nasty Mondays and Crappy Tuesdays. These nights tend to draw a younger crowd and feature live music. Admission includes a drink, and you can even get a guest list or buy advance tickets.


Valencia is one of the liveliest cities in Spain, with bustling bars and cafes and exciting festivals throughout the year. The music scene revolves mainly around urban and commercial house, and Latin sounds like reggaeton. The city is also home to a legendary rave scene, known as La Ruta del Bakalao. Its vibrant nightlife has been compared to that of Berlin and Rotterdam.

One of the most interesting Valencia nightlife areas is the old town, which has a unique mix of cultures and styles and people of all ages. One of the liveliest areas is El Carmen, a pedestrian street within the city walls, which contains several unique bars, including a pop-art disco, a 20th century cafe, and a Brazilian-style pub. It is also home to most of the city’s gay bars.

Another area of Valencia where the nightlife is thriving is near the beach. The Ruzafa area is home to the Nylon Club, a small, intimate venue that plays electronic and latino-american music. The venue is located just 200 meters from the beach. It has two dance floors and three bars and is open every day, from 1am until 7pm.

Valencia’s nightlife also extends to the surrounding neighborhoods. Some of these include Benimaclet, Plaza Xuquer, el Cedro, and Honduras. These neighborhoods are a great place to meet fellow travelers while enjoying the Valencia nightlife. Many of these tours are led by knowledgeable guides who will tell you all about the best Valencia nightlife destinations.

The Valencia nightlife is very varied and happens throughout the year. Weekends are particularly lively, with nightclubs and pubs open until the early morning.


Benalmadena is a great place for late night partying and there are many places to have a great time. The town centre has several clubs and bars that cater to different tastes. The biggest nightclub is Kiu, located just off the 24-hour Square. It features three different levels of music and has an extensive drink menu. The Ladies Night on a Thursday is especially popular.

Another hot spot is the Benalmadena Coffee Club, located in the port of the town. Open during the day as a chic coffee bar, it transforms into a lively club after the sun sets. The club hosts theme nights and regular salsa nights. It’s also a great place for a night out with the girls.

Another hot spot for nightlife is the Plaza Solymar, which has been dubbed the “24-Hour Square”. This square is the hub of Benalmadena’s nightlife scene. It attracts a loud, young crowd. Some older residents view this area as being a little too loutish and crowded. However, you will find that the prices of drinks are significantly cheaper than in the Marina Area and there are many touts offering discounted drinks.

For those seeking a more casual nightlife, there are plenty of options in the town. Discoteca Aqa is one of the top choices for the Benalmadena nightlife. It features an outdoor terrace and an indoor dance floor, and offers a unique tropical vibe. This is one of the bigger discos in the Costa del Sol, and the crowd is mostly young.