buy a boat in spain

Buying a boat in Spain could be the best investment to nail two categories in one strike: holiday accommodation & transport. Indeed, owning a boat in Spain is utterly convenient from a fun perspective as well as an economic one. Read on as we unveil each reason with its proper explanation.

Spain’s Wonderful Climate

The Costa Blanca in Spain offers an astonishing 320 days of sunshine a year making it the go-to destination for most European tourists. Indeed, this (almost) entire year of uninterrupted sunny days adds to the mild weather throughout May, June, July, August, September, and the beginning of October.

You can expect to jump into the water on days of over 40° C in July & August. Moreover, it’s just along the strike of November that gets you to experience low temperatures around 14° C.

With weather like this, there are no reasons not to moor in your vessel in one of the many amazing marinas in Costa Blanca.

Amazing Marinas

Speaking of Marinas, not everywhere in the world you can dock and moor on a marina voted as the best in the world on more than one occasion. Such a marina is Benalmádena. You can visit it even several times a year and you will never get bored of all it has to offer.

To begin with, the state-of-the-art facilities are top-notch compared to any other place in the world. On top of that, the vibrant nightlife, beautiful small coffee shops, amazing food scene, varied shopping attractions, and people’s unique vibe make it a one-of-a-kind place you can’t miss.

Lower Mooring Fees

Mooring fees can be up to 36% lower than mooring in countries like the UK, for example. This, for a boat you’ll have mooring for months at a time can translate into saving a massive amount of money. Moreover, if you are living on the water, you can easily rent your house. This way, you can cover most of the expenses of mooring in the foreign sea.

Plus, all 12 marinas found along the 65 miles of coastline share a similar price, thus, when you grow tired of the same landscape, you can simply dock somewhere else.

Lower Fuel Costs

Speaking of docking somewhere else, the lower fuel costs make it easier to move around. Plus, once you’re floating on the Mediterranean Sea, access to every other marina in Costa Blanca is as easy as it gets. In that regard, fuel costs can be 24% lower than other countries like the UK.

This reduction in fuel spending will free your wallet to try some of the delightful dishes Spanish cuisine can offer. Furthermore, if you happen to like seafood, you’ll be in heaven trying traditional dishes in every marina.

The Mediterranean For Cruising

Utilizing the Mediterranean Sea as a cruising area is nothing short of a delight. You can set off into the bluest of blue and get lost among the awe-inspiring, paradise-like landscapes surrounding Costa Blanca.

Furthermore, you can find dolphins, go swimming offshore, and witness some of the best sun-related natural phenomena in the world.


Finding a boat in Spain, acquiring it, and mooring among the best marinas in the world sounds fantastic. On top of that, saying that mooring costs can be lower by 36% and fuel costs lower by 24% makes it even more interesting. Finally, witnessing the bluest blue of the Mediterranean Sea every day is most people’s definition of living a dream.

So, buy a boat in Spain and enjoy the benefits of living in one of the world’s most amazing destinations.