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Moving to Spain is the dream of many. From the beautiful views of the bluest of blue in the Mediterranean to the busy cities, and even football, Spain has it all. You could choose to live in an apartment in a vibrant city, lost in the mountains, or near the sea; everything is possible. 

Regardless of your landscape of choice, you have to be ready to make the purchase as a foreigner. That is exactly why we put together this post, so we can help you navigate through it at ease. Moreover, this mini-guide will also be helpful if you are trying to sell.

Read on, take note, and close best the real estate deal of your life.

Why should you use a real estate agent?

When stepping into the real estate market in a different country, you need some info from an insider. We might award this word of warning to not fully understanding the idiosyncrasies of a new society. Furthermore, there might even be a language barrier.

Whichever the case, you are going to need guidance to stay out of properties that can turn your dream into a nightmare. That is, indeed, the job of a real estate agent, to provide the experience and leverage in that specific market that can help you maximize your investment.

Moreover, in addition to helping you with a more incisive view of the current market, most real estate agents can also be a game-changing element when it comes to paperwork. This is particularly important in Spain since taxes and policies are different in different parts of the country. In the same vein, they can help you avoid pitfalls and bad moves from a third party. 

In summary, a real estate agent can be the bridge that can close the gap between you and the Spanish market. This is, of course, regardless if you already live in Spain, are planning to move there, want to buy or sell the property.

The tasks of a real-estate agent 

We made it clear that a real estate agent can be of great help. Now, what exactly are the tasks they have to fulfill when buying or selling a property? Let´s take a look at each scenario.

When selling property in Spain

  • Marketing – Marketing and advertising of your property (including websites and brochures) is the responsibility of your real estate agent.
  • Market advice – Real estate agents should provide expertise about the nuances of the market to maximize your investment or sale.
  • Coordination – A real estate agent should be able to coordinate emails, phone calls, visits, and offers for you.
  • Negotiation – You shouldn´t be a part of the negotiation with the buyer. Indeed, the real estate agent should handle communication, visits, and such, from beginning to end.
  • Legal advice – The real estate agent should be your legal advice source, including paperwork.

When buying property in Spain

  • Market expertise – The real estate agent should give you proof of his or her market knowledge. Moreover, you should fully understand what you could expect according to your budget.
  • Be available – You need a real estate agent to be available for you and that responds in a quick and professional way.
  • Paperwork – The real estate agent should help you with the paperwork related to buying property as a foreigner in Spain.


Buying or selling property in Spain as a foreigner can be a difficult endeavor. Hiring a real estate agent that can help you navigate the process smoother and faster is nothing short of a must.

Find proper guidance and close the best real estate deal in your life!