Guess you have heard all about the beautiful coastlines of Costa Blanca. Well, there are loads of them. Costa Blanca offers a life-changing experience filled with unforgettable memories in the different breathtaking sites. There are also rare, stunning flora and fauna to explore. So, if you are planning a short stay in this beautiful region, making a choice can be a draining challenge. 

In Costa Blanca, you will find dive shops scattered along the entire coastlines. Also, there are countless dive sites. The Alicante area has ample caves, while shipwrecks litter the Murcia area. To make your choice easier, here are the best. Before we go on, here is a quick tip. Summertime is the peak of diving activities. Therefore, dive boats fill up fast. Hence, we advise that you book ahead of time to guarantee a spot.

1. Murcia Coast

Ever dreamed of taking a deep dive to have a first-view of barracuda, swordfish, and so much more? Murcian coast can suggest a great number of locations where you can have your dreams come true. Murcia is the most populous city and the capital of the Region of Murcia, an Autonomous Community. Moreover, if you dive deep enough, you’ll be able to check out the shipwrecks. Also, the warm climate prevalent all year round means there is no restriction to when you can dive. Murcia is one of the spots that should be at the top of your itinerary. 

2. Mazarrón

Located in Murcia province, Mazarrón is one of the best places for scuba diving. Some of the unique features of this area include numerous underwater caves and varieties of deserted coves. Like several other great diving locations in Costa Blanca, there is no shortage of exquisite flora and fauna. Moreover, you will be thrilled to the sights of cuttlefish, octopuses, scorpionfishes, and many more. There are also ample wreck sites that create an artificial reef. This includes Spanish Navy minesweeper and sunken fishing boats. You will wish your holiday never ends.

3. Calpe

For a short weekend trip, Calpe may be the best option because of its numerous sports activities. From exploring the local beaches to watching pink flamingos at the city lake, there is no shortage of fun here. Also, scuba diving in this area is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike. There are shipwrecks close to the coast, and you can easily find them when you dive from the shore. Pump up your adrenaline by diving from a boat. You will discover mind-blowing underwater creatures and features that will make you gape in awe. Just make sure your mouth remains shut. 

4. Peacock Island

This island is close to the town of Benidorm. You will need a boat trip from the mainland to get to this island. The most notable feature here is the large population of wild peacocks. Also, it is almost impossible to discover the entire island in one visit. On every trip, you will keep unearthing new features. There are numerous diving locations here. Forgot your diving gears? No worries, there are centers renting diving equipment for a small fee. 

5. Alicante

This pristine location allows you to witness Costa Blanca from a different perspective. This region has stellar points that will help trainee divers to acquire advanced certification. The sky-blue lakes have a rich population of marine flora and fauna for you to explore. When you are out of the waters, there is also the Rio Safari Park to explore. 


There is no shortage of diving spots in Costa Blanca. For a diversity of experience, try to explore as many diving locations as possible. However, when you don’t have the luxury of time, the locations above will be your best bet.