la sella denia

As part of an exclusive and sought-after complex in the heart of unspoiled nature, these La Sella homes are perfect for both year-round and vacations. Located midway between the airports of Alicante and Valencia, La Sella is a short drive between Denia’s and Javea’s stunning “blue flag” sand beaches. 

Some of the most alluring luxury villas and apartments in the La Sella neighborhood are now on the market. Built almost four decades ago, these residences combine contemporary design with elements of their historical conception. People from throughout the world are awestruck when they see La Sella. What is it about La Sella that sets it apart from the rest? Well, let us find out.

Blend Of Historical And Contemporary Elegance Inside La Sella

We began by fusing together many separate pieces of property to create a single entity. When it came to the development of the La Sella properties, this was by far the most prudent choice that we made. There was just one main road around the property when it was first developed in 1992. The residences at La Sella each exude a unique allure that, in the most accurate terms, manages to be both classic and fashionable. Your home’s beauty, charm, and attractiveness will serve as a constant reminder to you that you live in a place deserving of recognition, admiration, and respect.

Around the La Sella property, you’ll find ancient relics in Los Romeros, Los Naranjos, Almendros, Zarzas I, Los Abetosa, and Buganvilla. El carrascal, the property’s most recognizable luxury urbanization, is located on the premises. A 30-year-old Clubhouse at this location still has a certain charm that has evolved with the passage of time and the changing tastes of society.

What Sets La Sella Apart As The Preeminent Destination For Luxurious Apartments And Villas?

Luxurious accommodations like those at La Sella Luxury Villa and Apartments exude sophistication, refinement, and self-confidence. They’re also chock-full of pleasant surprises. There are beautiful stone walls throughout the villas and flats, making them appear even more luxurious. Even if it isn’t enough to convince you of the property’s superiority, the fact that you can stroll to several open areas, including parks, tennis courts, a horse stable, and a supermarket, should be enough to sway you. The administrative duties for the La Sella estates have been delegated to the capable hands of Serviden.

The best feature of La Sella Luxury Villas and Apartments is its excellent floor layout and distinctive construction. The opulent villas and apartments in La Sella give residents an exceptional level of comfort and convenience. The building plots are around one thousand square meters in size and have a twenty-five percent allowance for development.

Within the confines of a single La Sella home, you have the freedom to pursue a variety of lifestyles. The innovative urban planning and architectural concepts make it possible to create luxurious urbanizations that include both comfortable and distinctive apartments and villas that never fail to awe and amaze. Every single one of these real estate deals comes with solid connections. They’re also close to the airport and a variety of retail establishments.

Special Features Of La Sella Luxury Villas And Apartments

You’ll also find two well-known hotels, the Marriot and Syncrosfera, within the property. Let’s say you want to throw a party or event, but your luxury apartment or villa isn’t large enough to accommodate it. In such cases, you can use the hotel’s services.

In addition to these wonderful La Sella Luxury Villas and Apartments, a trip to the Benia Marriott La Sella Golf Resort & Spa will invigorate both your body and mind thanks to the resort’s exclusive private activities and relaxing atmosphere. The first golf court is a nine-hole course, followed by an 18-hole course, and lastly a 27-hole course where you can spend the day. As for unwinding, there’s always a spa nearby for your convenience.