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If you’re looking for an exciting bike tour, try mountain biking in Spain. You’ll find a wide range of terrain and riding conditions in the Cantabrian Mountains, which stretch 300km along the Cantabrian Sea. Mountain Biking Spain is a professional local company that will take you to the best spots for your next cycling adventure.

Spanish Pyrenees

If you love the outdoors, mountain biking in the Spanish Pyrenees may be the perfect place to spend your vacation. These mountainous regions, which form the natural border between France and Spain, are filled with beautiful vistas and challenging roads. From multi-day point-to-point mountain biking to single track, the Pyrenees offer something for every kind of biker.

Mountain biking in the Spanish Pyrenee Mountains is the perfect activity for experienced mountain bikers, as well as for those seeking a weekend getaway. The area is perfect for mountain bike riders with a moderate to advanced skill level and moderate fitness levels. The itinerary is flexible, allowing riders to choose the routes they want to ride. You can also request a specific itinerary based on the preferences of your group, weather conditions, and other special events.

Mountain biking in the Spanish Pyrenee Mountains is one of the most popular ways to spend your vacation in the area. The trails wind through spectacular scenery and are challenging enough for any level of biker. Many of these trails are reclaimed hiking trails that used to connect historic villages. You can choose to tackle challenging trails at the Andorran Bike Park in eastern Pyrenees, or ride in the soaring peaks in the north.

There are many mountain biking options in the Spanish Pyrenees, but one region in particular is particularly unique. There are several mountain biking trails in Aran, and the town is home to the 2015 and 2018 Enduro World Series. You can also take a guided tour and eat delicious food at the Chill Outdoor Café in Perrarua.

The area has several bike parks, including the Soldeu Bikepark, which has more than six hundred kilometers of waymarked mountain bike trails. It is open from Jun 28 to September 28 and offers lift access in the summer months. It is also known as the world’s best Enduro MTB destination.

Whether you want to enjoy a day of soaring mountain biking or take in the scenery and culture, mountain biking in the Spanish Pyrenees is sure to excite you. Experienced mountain bikers may balk at the guided tours. However, local maps are invaluable in locating the best routes and avoiding impassable sections.

Pablo and his mountain bike guiding team are always searching for new trails in the Pyrenees and building and maintaining them. This way, they are able to give back to the community and create a safe environment for their guests. In addition to riding their bikes and exploring the Pyrenees, they also spend their evenings in the town of Seixes.

Mountain bikers looking for a challenge should try the Integral del Gallinero, a 35 km route with a maximum elevation of 1580 meters. This route starts with a long, steep climb, but is rewarded by a long technical descent. In addition, it offers views of the Pyrenees and the Alps.

The most popular routes for mountain biking are those in the Espacio BTT areas, which translate to “MTB trail centers”. The trails are well-organized and signposted, and are usually free. You can also get maps from local bike shops and information centres. However, make sure you have the right equipment for your cycling adventure.

Spanish Basque Country

If you’re looking for a place to mountain bike, Spain’s Basque Country is the perfect place to go. There are some great trails here, including the famous Espelette hill. This Basque town is known for its steep and sunny hills, making it the perfect location for XC mountain biking. The town’s trails are well marked, and there are 2 loops to choose from: the Basaburu-Atharri loop of 13.9 km, and the Circuit de la Montagne loop of 17.4 km.

This cycling tour through the Basque Country will take you through fourteen natural parks and many other areas of natural beauty. You’ll enjoy planned drink breaks at local bars and al fresco lunches featuring the region’s freshest produce. You’ll stay in cherry-picked hotels, olive farms, and monasteries. You’ll also have the opportunity to stay in town mansions and historic buildings. And you’ll spend 14 days on the saddle, allowing yourself to soak in the landscape.

The Basque Country is home to some of the best mountain biking trails in the world. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just a newbie, the Basque Country has endless opportunities for a day of fun and excitement. From easy terrain to challenging terrain, there’s something for everyone to experience.

You’ll also find some amazing walking and cycling routes, which will leave you breathless. You can also explore the Rioja wine region and its vineyards. The region has some of Spain’s best-known wineries. If you’re into climbing, try the Jaizkibel mountain pass, where you’ll see some of the country’s highest peaks.

You can enjoy the panoramic views of the Atlantic coastline from Mount Igueldo. Other highlights include beaches in Lekeitio and San Nicolas Island. And don’t forget to stop for pintxos while you’re here. And if you’re staying in San Sebastian, check out the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, a historic and iconic landmark hotel with stunning views over the Basque Coast.

Cider and beer are a staple of Basque cuisine, and you can sample some of the best in San Sebastian. If you’re looking for a more relaxed day trip, you might want to take a look at the Cider Route in San Sebastian. This route is adapted from a popular Bilbao to San Sebastian cycling holiday and is perfect for beginners and families.