Sometimes, you may feel the need to spread your wings. This may be in education, politics, and even housing. Having the finances to buy a house and pay all the expenses is not an easy feat. The mortgage has been very reliable and effective in the cases of finding suitable housing. What does it take for a Spanish bank to grant a mortgage? This is one common question asked frequently by residents and non-residents in Spain. It is important to understand everything that involves mortgage banking.

What You Need To Know Before Applying For A Mortgage

The first thing you need to do is to have all the documents required by the bank at your disposal. Do your research to know more about mortgage banking and the banks that offer better terms and payment plans. Subsequently, think about how to send your application. How are you going to send your applications? Are you going to do it online? Or do you prefer doing it through a mortgage broker who is going to help you find a loan that best suits your needs? 

All this information should be at your fingertips to help you speed up the process. If you are well organized, the granting may take no more than two weeks.

You should bear in mind that there are differences between the granting of a loan and the signing of one. The time is taken from when you send your loan application until when you receive a response from the bank is the mortgage granting period. 

The signing of the mortgage is when you sign the contract and receive the money required for the purchase of your home. This may take longer than the simple application process.

Once the application and documentation have been received by the bank, the mortgage study begins. This is the period when the bank studies your documents to see if you are eligible for the mortgage. On-residents applications may take longer as additional documents will be needed from your country of residence.

Ways To Speed Up The Mortgage Process

  • Apply for the mortgage online. This will save you a lot of time from going to the bank office physically. This will greatly speed up the process.
  • Find a mortgage comparison tool. This will help you select the loan that is best suited to your needs. You will be able to make a quicker decision.
  • Getting a mortgage broker will actually help you make a wiser decision considering the expertise that they have. A mortgage broker will facilitate the whole process and do the work for you. This will simplify and quicken the entire application.

Advantages Of Using A Mortgage Broker

Here are some of the advantages of using a mortgage broker;

  • The mortgage broker will provide you with information on different mortgages that are available and offer you advice on the ones to consider.
  • You will get better conditions when the broker negotiates with the bank. This is more convenient compared to the case in which you are the one negotiating.
  • A mortgage broker offers you convenience. The mortgage broker will take care of the mortgage search process as well as all the other procedures. Consequently, you won’t have to do a thing from the first day.
  • The broker compares different offers according to the borrower’s preferences. This enables the broker to choose the mortgage best suited to the client.
  • A mortgage broker usually expedites the whole process of application. Hence, seeking the services of a mortgage broker simplifies things for you. This enables you to acquire your mortgage quickly.