healthcare in spain

You bought the most fantastic house in Costa Blanca, making the move of your life. That inherited money from your grandmother proved to be exactly the push you were looking for. You´re planning the perfect trip there for some months, and it suddenly hits you: “What about healthcare while I´m there?” Worry not, we got you covered. You are about to read everything you need to know about healthcare in Spain, so the perfect trip stays perfect beginning to end. Read on and travel safe, sound, and with peace of mind.

Public And Private

Spain´s health system ranks as one of the best in the world. It is divided among public health care supported by social contributions and private health care. The public health care system provides basic assistance for virtually any condition. In fact, Spain´s public health system is so good for covering contributors that the private health sector only covers about 19% of the population. Private health care usually offers a wider coverage and shorter waiting times on professionals.

Who Is Eligible For Public Health Care?

Being eligible for public health care is very simple: you need to be a resident working and living in Spain. It is important to note that the health system in Spain is decentralized, and thus each town decides upon its own people. These are the formal requisites:

  • Paying social security towards living and working in Spain
  • Children living in Spain (permanent or as residents)
  • Pregnant women with Spanish residency
  • Students under 26 years old living in Spain
  • Temporary visitors with an EHIC card
  • If you receive benefits and a pension from the Spanish Government

How To Register For Public Health In Spain?

So, let´s say you fit into some of the above criteria; how do you go about getting it? First of all, you need a social security number known as Número de afiliación a la Seguridad social. To get this number, you have to present your passport, residency permit (or NIE), proof of residence, and a TA.1 Form filled in Spanish.

Once you´ve gathered all that info, you need to ask for an appointment at the General Social Security Treasury, also known as Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social. You´ll find that they have plenty of offices, especially close to touristic areas like Costa Blanca. You´ll be called for a short appointment, and you will very likely leave the building with your brand-new Spanish social security number.

The final step is to go to your nearest health center (Centro de Salud) and ask for your health card (Tarjeta sanitaria). With that card, you can then go to any health center in Spain and have access to their services free of charge.

Health Insurance; A Different Option

Health insurance is a very popular option for plenty of expats and people who bought a second home. Maybe you just don´t want to go through all that hassle and decide to pay for private coverage. You´ll find a plethora of opportunities ranging from roughly 50 Euros to 200 Euros. This, depending on the company and plan, might cover you and those in your family, including spouses and children. This is the favorite option of those staying for brief periods of time.


Some lucky people took advantage of the price fall in one of the world´s most beautiful places and now head there several times a year. Buying property in paradise can lead to a lifetime of happiness.

Make the most out of your trips to Costa Blanca having the peace of mind of enjoying proper health protection.